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"Please bear with me"

16 years old
United Arab Emirates
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Song: Gorillaz_-_Rhinestone_Eyes_-_Plastic_Beach

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About me:

‧₊˚ ୨ Ben ୧ ˚₊
╰☆╮He / Him♡
ʚᄋɞ╰☆╮Minor ♡
Welcome to my Myspace <3

Few things about me:
I am a teenager whos really into anime and video games since childhood, i’ve watched a shit ton amount of anime and bought or played a lot of games, i consider my taste unique cause i haven’t met a lot of people who match it, i am pretty much a Neon Genesis Evangelion enthusiast but i also do have a lot of love for shows like: Fate, Monogatari, Serial Experiments Lain, and Death Note, i also love or play games like Persona 5, Dark souls and Genshin Impact.

Some of my kins:

╰☆╮Shinji Ikari.

╰☆╮Izumi Miyamura.

╰☆╮Kozume Kenma.

╰☆╮Tartaglia, I also do main him.

Ik my humor can be questionable sometimes but i cool and funny, be my friend rn.

Who I'd like to meet:

Animw fans
Nge, serial lain experiments and nana fans
persona 5 nerds
genshin players
ur mom<3

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