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"dm me if you support dn /j"

Trans Man
69 years old
United States
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About me:


So I don't seem like I'm yelling at you, I'm going to use lowercases for the sake of this introduction!

I use it/he/they pronouns! I'd prefer if it/its were used for me and if my neos were used (le/lem/lemon, skip/skippy, rpg/maker/rpgmaker) but if it's absolutely too hard for you to use them, you can stick with he/they!

-My enpronouns: https://en.pronouns.page/@lemonicdemonade

-My pronouny: https://pronouny.xyz/u/doggosowo

To put it simply, I'm a trans man. Though in a way I'm far from that (I still identify as a man, but there's more genders I identify as that really describe me entirely). I'm white, autistic, and a minor. I'd appreciate if you used tone tags around me! I also identify as gay and on the greyromantic/aromantic spectrum.

I have a carrd but it's outdated, so I'll update it soon!

I also have socials.

-TikTok: @rpgmakerenthusiast

-Ponytown: lemonicdemonade

-ArchiveOfOurOwn: @rypitekoldan (thinking of changing it soon)

And that's all I'm comfortable sharing for now on the topic of socials!

I really love Lemon Demon! I have a variety of music interests that don't all entirely fit in one single genre. I enjoy Will Wood (And The Tapeworms), Rinse & Repeat, The Scary Jokes, Machine Girl, That Handsome Devil, and video game OSTS! Please interact if you like any of these!

I love video games, but specifically RPGs/RPGmaker games!

I also love cars and trucks!

I enjoy writing.

I'm in a bunch of fandoms. I'll list some here.

  • End Roll
  • Omori
  • Mad Father
  • Witch's Heart
  • Ib
  • Your Turn To Die
  • Ayakashi Akashi
  • Okegom (specifically Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea, Ice Scream, Mogeko Castle, and Obsolete Dream. I'm getting into other medias in the okegom category soon!)
  • Misao
  • Off/A New Home
  • Walking On A Star Unknown
  • Vast Error
  • ROBLOX/Specifically Get A Snack At 4 AM
  • Eddsworld
  • Tankmen
  • Madness Combat
  • Friday Night Funkin'
  • Undertale
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Tomorrow Won't Come For Those Without
  • Earthbound
  • Doe of Deadwood

Please interact if you're from any of these fandoms!

I also know of Alfred Alfer and Danganronpa. I don't consider myself apart of those fandoms, as I hate both of those medias and their fanbase, but I know of them/their plots/what happens.

I also might as well list my green and red flags.

Green Flags:

  • People who use tone indicators
  • People who use neopronouns/nounpronouns/respect those two
  • Lemon Demon fans
  • RPG likers
  • People who use caps

Red Flags:

  • People who don't use tone indicators
  • People who don't respect neopronouns/nounpronouns/say "Oh I'll use [neopronoun] for someone but I won't use [nounpronoun(ex: kittenself)] for that person!"
  • Cishets and neurotypicals /hj
  • BTD (Boyfriend to Death) fans
  • Lil D//kie likers/listeners
  • Anyone who bases on my interests (you're entitled to an opinion so it's okay if you don't like some of the things I like! This is just a personal red flag)

I'll write my kinlist someday.


Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who's cool or likes what I like!!! Though I'm a bit awkward at first, I apologize,,

DNI if:

  • You're racist, homophobic, ableist, etc.
  • Anti he/him lesbians and she/her gays
  • Transmed/Truscum
  • Anti neopronouns/nounpronouns
  • You genuinely suck!
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