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"make sure to wipe your feet on the mat!"

16 years old
Marshall Islands
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Song: Kaleo

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About me:

if you need to chat or need something HMU!

who i am? call me K!
currently making and selling rare accounts for these platforms: Xbox | Playstation | Nintendo | Discord | Minecraft | Roblox | Steam | Enlisted | Warthunder | Myspace | VRChat | Twitch | Google

history buff in WWI, WWII, Vietnam war, Cold war, Korean war, and The war on terrorism!

my test account that I run code on for myspace: https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=83360

my discord: Bird#0324

my snapchat: fletcherclass

my Xbox username? kEwii cAt


music I like? Any kind of rock, some rap here and there and thats about it!

current study? I am currently studying and researching the different splinter branches and main branches of modern day white supremacy groups!

friends? Not a lot currently because everyone in school finds me weird for getting my work done and being 3 assignments ahead of them.


Who I'd like to meet:


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