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"You don't need power to have power!"

100 years old
United States
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Song: I Hear A Symphony But you're Dancing In The Rain With Your Lover

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About me:


                           Professor venomous, 
    Former member of famous superhero team P.O.I.N.T. as Laserblast. 


    I now work with my partner and husband Boxman at his Robot Factory 

    I work as a scientist and bioengineer in my lab along with my 
    minion fink who helps me with things when needed.
    Usually she's busy playing with her Videos game when I don't need 
    her help.


    I am K.O's father, and I spend weekends out with him as a sort of
    . . .father, son bonding.
    As for fink, she's just my minion. But I do enjoy getting her 
    gifts. . .its my way of apologizing for being so distant. 
    I know how she gets when she doesn't get enough attention.

    The Boxmore bots on the other hand are different. 
    I tend to see them nothing much then bots to fight with, but 
    Boxman is fond of them and refers to himself as their Daddy.
    I don't mind it honestly, but I do find it a bit strange, Since 
    all I call fink is my Minion and nothing more.


    Boxman is different id say. He's an idiot, but I happen to 
    Like idiots.
    He may get on your nerves, mess up the place, make way too 
    much noise, and act disgusting on occasion, but you cant help 
    but love him. He's so thrilling and you end up always having a 
    good time because he's destroying one thing or another.

    And who wouldn't like a little bit of destruction sometimes?


                             !!RP ACCOUNT!!

Who I'd like to meet:

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Hi hi :DDD for anyone seeing this comment!!
this is ProfVenos personal account!! feel free to also add me if you want something that isn't in character!!