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"you know me"

96 years old
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Song: A Night of Sleep

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his delicious esence


Oh god. Oh golly. my brigt blue orbs (the size of pool balls ) sprang open as I realised I was late 4 schol. this was no good ! if proffesor Snape catched me sneaking in late I'd will get a hard time for sure.! so I grabbed by dirty dirty potato sack coverd in dird and pulled it over and through my spindly arms. it tugged on my floppy eras and I went to view my reflection in the glass. I sighede. "Well Dobby, u look just as plane as usual. o boys will ever notice me what with my beautiful eyes and delicious round bald head (with little wispy hairs for sexy tickling kinks.). I one down staries and I'm a bout to go "bye mom I'm of to HOGWARTS"!! but she said wait Scooby, I can't afford u anymore, I've sold u and ur knew owrner Is hear now; I spun around so quick and was suddenly knocked over!! "whatc out btch slt wh0re say sowwy to daddy he smirked." I picked myself up from the floor and looked up only to see a tall man of 8 feet sixteen inches , it was the school bu;ly profesor snape!!!! "uhhdd-uh-uh-uu so-o-ww-y.." I sduddered. "sowwy who?" he demeaded with a slight curve of his upper lip into a teasing grin. "Uh0uh-uh I t-think y-you mean sowwy t-t-to w-whoM...." suddenly his face fell and he became enraged at my correction of his gramatical err!! He transformed in to Purple Guy from 5 knghts at freebies wearing mr clean's sexy white shirt. and he slapped me so hard across the dace I spun around the room , my little bones snapping one by one in their skin sac until I hit the cement brick wall with a slam. I shook my large bat ears and looked around, only ton find that my potato sack dress had flown over my head, reveling my massive milky breasts and full boney figure. Professor Snape was now standing over me, but h paused, looking down at my corpse. I blushed. "Oh.. prof-lessor, I am so sorry......" I sed trying to cover myself; "oh uh-uh.. I deeply apologize ms dobby..." i look up to see professor was now blushing!!!! he awkwardly shuffled his long feet in his tasty leather shoes and I was overcum with the earg to see and lick his toes?. "Uh I had not realized how much you had.. developed over the summer...." he said, trying to look away. "um that's fucking weird that your milky breasts have so many bones in them...but.. I kinda like it??" he Sade. I stood up and laughged, giggling and was aware of how tall he was over me. I liked it. I punched his arm "proffessssor!! your so nauty.. I'm glad u like them though..." . he blushed;; He was so handsome/sexy!!! he punched me in the face. my face turned hemmeroid red, both from the hit and from my blush . How could I ever like hi m I hate him. or did I?

(to be continued)

Who I'd like to meet:

a therapisr

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im going to cancel you


wow this is amazig!!!


Thanks 4 the add!