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"Hello fellow humans, I am also human."

16 years old
United States
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Song: SPACE IS COOL - Markiplier Songify Remix by SCHMOYOHO

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About me:

I may not be so mighty, but I am definitely a chunk. I am human and I do human things. I play Minecraft, Roblox, write (I'm currently writing a zombie story), and just vibe when I'm not sleeping. I obviously like MHA, along with a few other animes, SpongeBob, and FOOD. If you're a fool and think I'm cool you're most likely brainwashed and should get yourself checked out, or you can just message me and we can chat. Conversations with me will be random and untamed, so you never know what you will get (it'll most likely be about TV, games, or food, but who knows). Also, I know I'm hot but I'm already taken. Come vibe with me my dudes.

Insta: beast_mode_ricky

Who I'd like to meet:

Humans, furries, scalies, pretty much whoever will talk to me

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gasp all might is that you?!