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13 years old
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About me:

Um this is going to be long so here's the um im horrible at words like i made it all short okay. (Btw this looks better in mobile)
(hi I'm Sea I'm nice and traumatized I'm lgbtq+ i like books musicals manga and all that jazz and hi! I'm here to um look around ig?)

Hi I'm Sea its a nickname but its still part of my name
this is wierd

Talk to me if you want I'm ambivert most of the time I'm sometimes mean but only on bad days most of the time I'm nice I really hope so um I'm most voted to Murder someone in some way and or manipulate people to doing things for me and guilt trip in my friend group! wait no that's not a good first impression I am voted as most helpful in my friend group yeah that's better and I would only murder a book character like stop making bad decisions I'm a theatre kid I'm friends with the weeaboos even though I don't watch a lot of anime though ill read manga and manhua and all that jazz and I love horror movies though I don't watch a lot I also like scary stories and my morality is messed up I'm part of the 35% or I think it's thirty-five the numbers for male sexual assault wasn't really clear and I might not be my memories are kind blurry it happened when I was five or four or six around that age I don't really remember though all I remember I was being babysat and I was in a basement and I was being touched anyway I also like Crime shows and tea!
my mental health is shit

I'm thirteen I turned it March 5th

(Ethnicity): Filipino
(Nationality): Canadian
(Fav RN Book): Song Of Achilles
(Fav Music Artist): MARINA
(Fav Animal(s)): Snakes or Foxes
(Hogwarts House) Slytherin but like I prob wouldn't be a pureblood so Hufflepuff
(Fav Genre) I like romance mystery and horror~
(Astrology Chart): Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Mercury, Aquarius Venus, Cancer Mars,
(Wattpad Profile): WyvernDeco

Oh also my TikTok

(Fun Facts)
I Love MUsicals My favourite one is Six
My Favourite subjects are art and language arts though I get good grades in every subject though
I Know like three languages ish (English, French, Tagalog) (I'm a receptive bilingual so I can understand but I can only speak in English sorry!)
My Favourite Colour is pale-ish green
I'm Lgbtq+ Part of the alphabet mafia
I ship a lot of people
I know nothing so if I do something stupid explain it to me, please and thank you
My favourite season is Winter
I like the cold
My clothing aesthetic is white and black and red I don't know my room aesthetic or anything else
My Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/user/7ny5x029tab851ezwqn4sbmuw
And um that's really it, I guess?

Also, I'm really bad at grammar

Also I'm a mess of a person

I have a hobby of writing I'm not as good as my friends though

Who I'd like to meet:

No One Really, Though I'm open to pretty much everyone just be respectful!~

Also, I Made This to Be aesthetic so um I might ignore everything~

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I Have a social life but its dead now from the panorama now I can only talk to 5 of my friends~