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"your homophobic? that's gay"

Gender Questioning
14 years old
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About me:

Im lesbian.

feel free to use any pronouns when referring to me! I don't mind :)

Virgo. I don't really know much about astrology and I would really love to, but I don't know where to start lol

I like to skate and I'm planning on buying an electric guitar. If there are any guitarists out there please tell me where to start im kinda clueless about it.

When we become besties, just know I like making fun of people I love xD but if you are not really comfortable with that, thats fine! Just say so and i'll stop that won't make us stop being friends!

Im almost 15 i promise, its like 4 months away!

I kinda overshare sometimes so imma stop there

** Im using activit's blue and orange theme! While I try to figure out how the hell to work this css thing ;-; They are super cool! check them out :D ---> https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=48506

Who I'd like to meet:

~I want to meet everyone i guess! Sometimes the human race is beautiful and hopefully, that is all I will see here :) I don't really care about your age unless you are like 18 and older then, fuck off.

~I love rock/ metal ish music! I would love recs :P (you can recommend anything, tell me your favourite song!)

~If you start our convos with an outrageous story, we will obviously be besties.

~ Don't be racist, homophobic or transphobic, that energy will not be reciprocated here, so

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so in conclusion you, me, now besties. bhjfdvbc tysm 4 the add i love ur page!


Your page is so cute!! Stay plus Ultra!!


Thanks 4 the add!