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"i <3 milfs"

13 years old
United States
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Song: Redbone-_Childish_Gambino_Lyrics

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About me:

heyhi. i'm rory, i like writing stories/poems, rainy days, puddles on concrete, snails, reading, some anime's, and i occasionally skateboard, it's not like a hobby or anything yet. I just started watching "The Good Doctor" and I always refer to Shaun as Charlie, as in charlie from "charlie and the chocolate factory". I think its cause I had a weird obsession with that movie when I was younger because I had a crush on the video game dude, it kind of became a habit, the same with "the spiderwick chronicles"and "bates motel" as you can tell I have no life or hobbies, though I am interested in Volleyball, I think its because of this volley ball player from Korea named Kim Yeon-koung, she's a milf. I don't play or anything though. I think I wanna be a surgeon or brain doctor type shit when I grow up, idk. I'm looking forward to going to high school and doing way better there than I did here and try and make new friends :D moral of the story, i spend most of my time on things that involve no social interaction so I'm not good at it so if you ever message me, I beg of you, do not give up if I seem awkward I swear I'm a nice person- i also take my music very seriously, I like artists such as RINI, Tame Impala, The Neighborhood, girl in red, BENEE, Ricky Montgomery, King Princess, Wallows, Cavetown, Boy Pablo, Gotye, and Childish Gambino. i like a lot of different type of music but my current favorite is R&B soul, it just hits different. Anyways, I must go, I left my noodles in the microwave.

Who I'd like to meet:

no one iā€™m doing this so cass can think i'm cool

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To šŸ’„ Much šŸ„ Candy šŸ’ Gonna šŸ”½ Rot šŸ˜· Your šŸ”Ÿ Soul šŸ‘æ If šŸ”Š You šŸ’… Love šŸ‘… Her šŸ‘© You'll šŸ¦“ Let šŸ„° Her šŸ¤– GoooOOOoo šŸ˜° Because šŸ˜¤ Love šŸ’ž Only šŸ’¬ Gets šŸ‘¾ You šŸ§… DownNnnnnNNn ā¬‡ļø


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