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"i hate beens on toast"

15 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: UCCyoocDxBA_06_34_41

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About me:

hi, my names jake
I'm 15 and I'm from Manchester England
I listen 2 a lot of music very loud
and I can't tell if I'm going deaf
or if I just choose not 2 listen to anyone
my snaps at the top I'm a lot more active on there.
anyways add me if u want if u live close hmu and well have a spliff innit
o ye ima gae boi too

Who I'd like to meet:

preferably not any people
(ใƒŽเฒ  โˆฉเฒ )ใƒŽๅฝก( oยฐo)
and if ur a person like my chem
โ‰ก/( .-.) ๏ธตโ•ฐ(ยซโ—‹ยป็›Šยซโ—‹ยป)โ•ฏ๏ธต /(.โ–ก. /)ฬจ
or well find u

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Thanks 4 the add!