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Br0ws3r hist0ry

"yo! your local sweaty dude"

Gender Fluid
15 years old
United States
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Song: Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - Masquerade (Lyrics)

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About me:

sup! Ruben/kurloz/dirk here


Asexual and aromatic

I edit at times but I can't rn because I have no phone :,)
I also do art, photography, and some writing

Multifandom ( the Walton files ,lupin the 3rd, homestuck, ENA, anime and more

I skate both on roller skates and skateboard

I plays the guitar

I like Horror movies and video games ( like Minecraft, faith the unholy trinity, any puppet combo games, and sally face >:)

my insta: Bl00dw4v3

music ->https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2jZ5F6d5SIFSCBskqND6CB?si=gC5tBKqzSGyr76x6y-xTNw

animes i like: ouran high school host club, demon slayer, cardcaptor sakura, PASWG, lupin the 3rd, perfect blue, MHA and neon genesis evangelion

horror movies I like: hereditary, Halloween, jaws, perfect blue, the thing, the invasion of the body snitchers, and the shining

movies I like: pretty in pink, ferris Bueller's day off, Scott pilgrim vs the world, ghostbusters, and lupin the 3rd castle of cagliostro

bands/artists I like: the garden, joywave, glass animal, stevie dinner, Alex G, yeek, jack stauber, cage the elephant, le Tigre, and Wilbur soot

Who I'd like to meet:

really chill people
Any one with really cool styles
likes anime
likes Horror movies
likes skating
anyone who likes the Walton flies

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