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14 years old
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Song: It Gets Worse

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About me:

✎I like anime :)
✎I like drawing (not that good but whatever lol)
✎I love cats and have a cat named Winky
✎Attraction to 2d characters...
✎ Pronouns are she/her
✎Bisexual might be pan idk
✎I love watching animations of musicals on Youtube specifically Heathers, Hamilton and Mean Girls
✎I hate politics
✎I'm awkward at first
✎My taste in music is all over the place
✎Black mixed with Puerto Rican (I don't really know Spanish though-)
✎Only interested in talking with my fellow minors
✎New to this plz message me ツ

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Who I'd like to meet:

ღ Cool online friends that watch anime ツ
ღ Chill people

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