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"i <3 milfs"

99 years old
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Song: h3artcrush - travl the wrld

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About me:

I like to skate and draw, I write fanfics but they turn out shit, I ship eremin and I'm non binary. I like to listen to mcr, mother mother, Hatsune miku, Kikuo, girl in red and Nicki Minaj. My favorite animes are aot, tpn, hxh and my comfort anime is aot. I kin hanji, armin, riko, pieck, sasha, annie, mikasa, historia, carla, ymir, Kuriko, ibuki, miu iruma, mikan,juuzou and Sal fisher. I can speak some Japanese and I use they/them/theirs.

Who I'd like to meet:

fwiends, eremin shippers, levhan shippers, danganronpa stans, emos, alts, y2k kids and Riko Brzenska kinnies.

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