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"하다가 결국엔 거북이 승"

12 years old
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uh hey !! i'm panromantic asexual, i use they/them pronouns. i'm a gemini, intp and taken lol. i'm mainly interested in mcyt (or most streamers really), kpop, anime, genshin !! i ult bp skz txt and biases are jisoo, seungmin and kai !! other groups i stan are ateez the boyz enhypen and i really like itzy too! :) i main kaeya in genshin, waiting for a xiao/albedo rerun. my fav animes are banana fish, sk8 and aot, but i also love love haikyuu. my comfort streamers are karl and corpse!!

i also dont know how this website works

Who I'd like to meet:

well,, friends obvi!! if we like the same stuff pls hmu

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