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"ello luv welcome to meh"

14 years old
United Kingdom
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About me:

i am a bisexual frog:P
I am a leo not a scary one dw
i really like music and sleeping i sleep alot i have a vv good sleep schedule cuz sleep is amazing i could sleep all day
i am naturally a brunette but have literally killed my hair ;-;
i dont rlly have a type you just have to be able to make me laugh for me to like you
rn i like listening to 5sos (go check them out if u already havent) also Avril Lavigne also 1D ;)
i like drinking monster and redbull my fav monster is all of them cuz why not
i am a august leo so i am a baby baby also hella short i am 5'1 curretnly probs forever now but i am a literal child
elephants and frogs are my favorite animalsss cuz they are so cute i want them as pets
also really want to get into crystals so if you know anything about them plz i will need so let meh knoww:3
@bucketmoth is my ✨bestie✨😩🥰👺🐸
did i mention i love the whole dream smp.
i am in love with ashton irwin he just doesn't know.

Who I'd like to meet:

i want to meet someone who drinks monster and can do hella sick eyeliner and cares bout me alsocan have alot of fun w me at if your on the other side of the world we can do that cute meet up thing like run to eachother and hug and cry as u pass me a monster and i pass you a monster yk cute shet. o(^@^)o
if u line near me tho we can meet up and vibe when covid leaves<3

also someone who can let me cry into them also help me get better outfits😭

thank you for listening

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