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Trans Male
12 years old
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Song: Jazmin Bean - Saccharine ( Official Music Video )_70k

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About me:

My name is sam, but you can call me tulip tho. I'm from Brazil and idk English very well, so I'm sorry if I say something wrong or make typos. I love too many things, like kpop, rock, hyperpop, vocaloid, pastel goth, cottagecore, traumacore, anime, cats, cartoons, books, witchcraft, drawings and other things :)
I'm shy, but to talk to people, but over time the shyness decreases
✧∘ ೃ ⋆。˚.____✧∘ ೃ ⋆。

kpop favs; skz, ateez and gidle
cartoon fav; over the garden wall
anime fav; the promissed neverland, happy sugar life and kakegurui
bands fav; mother mother and queen

Who I'd like to meet:

People who like the same things I do <3

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