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"I like Strawberries 🍓🍓 "

16 years old
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Song: Strawberry Mountain - You Were in My Dreams Tonight

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About me:

Hello! Welcome to my Page!

hello hello! welcome ! i'm omi, hopefully we can be good friends !

A few quick things about me:

-I'm a Fugo Kinnie ha h a
-I'm 16 wowoow kinnie moment
-I'm Bi !!!! 💞💞
-My pronouns are it/he/they !!
-I ship Fugonara ✨🍓🍊 my favourite ship (Haha maybe if you wanna roleplay fugonara ijdjs,,,, 👉👈)
-My favourite part is Part 5 if it isnt obvious yet lol
-I love horror games !! So much !!
-I love reading oo what a surprise
-I like writing fics hihi (my ao3 is owomi if you wanna see 👀👀)
-I also draw !! my insta is @fugo.kinnie hidhih
-I'm a certified Narancia Simp, thank you

I'm always up to make new friends !! Although admittedly I might be shy at first aha-

Thank you for visiting my profile!!

Who I'd like to meet:

Jojo Fans ✨

Fugonara shippers ?? 👀✨🍓🍊

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