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"Can you keep up with me?"

30 years old
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About me:

Archer-class Servant. I have been summoned and come at your request.
A new master. No, a new Mage.
I know how you feel. You must be frustrated with how powerless you are, but right now let's keep looking forward.
You wanna know what life is like as a Servant? Well, once you summon us, we aren't all that different from you. We each have our differences, some of us even enjoy a good meal or night's sleep. Me? Well, I guess I like food. Making it, that is.
My down time? Mostly just mess with my gear and in the kitch... uhh, the plumbing? Yeah.
The things I dislike? Let's leave the immature me aside, I can't stand immature ideals. Oh no, it's not about you. It's about me, Master.

Who I'd like to meet:


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