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"Haters will hate, so just oppress them! PARODY"

23 years old
United States
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Song: United States of America's National Anthem

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Happy Monday my fellow Americans! [view more]
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About me:

Haiiii~~!!! You can call me Scrub! I like soccer (I play forward and right wing), running (I run distance), videogames (mainly shooters & my favorite is MW2 airport scene~!), camping, hiking, MREs, and oppressing false Americans. I love to eat food and I'm a proud and devoted Christian who goes to church every Sunday. I enjoy going to shooting ranges and my favorite type of guns are Vector carbines and Vector SMGs. My favorite colors are purple and green, with pink in a close 2nd, and I absolutely hate the color of darker browns (tan is just ok as long as it's not more yellowy). I think Trump and Andrew Jackson are the best Presidents to ever walk the earth and Obama absolutely destroyed the country, and Biden is sadly going to follow in his footsteps. I also think the death penalty is warranted and only pure, white Americans should be allowed in order to keep the country's bloodline safe. My other hobbies include drawing, hanging minorities, throwing pennies at Jews, praying to God, Nascar, and working out. If you're here looking to date you must be a male (NOT TRANS) and be YOUNGER than 15.

Who I'd like to meet:

-Fellow Gamers
-Arknights players
-GLF players
-Soccer fans
-Church goers
-TRUE Americans (meaning NO minorities, you're oppressed for a reason♡)
-young boys
-anyone on Anitwitter bc my VPN isn't working anymore

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Great page.


ok trump supporter smh my head


Thanks 4 the add!