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Lumi wumi

"I kinda want to drink milk"

15 years old
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About me:

  • Eh someone who got invited here cause they are lonely and now they are in a mission to make friends. I enjoy art, any form of art and I love reading books of a specific kind. I'm aspiring to be a pyshologhist and I'm trying my best to do something fulfilling in my life.

  • My Mbti type is Infj

  • I also have a twin sister

  • I'm a cat lover and when I finally get the opportunity to have one I will name my cat Sonorus B)

  • I'm looking forward to start new hobbies after finishing collage, I'm interested in atrogoly (not the zodiacs) and gardening.

  • I love cartoons espically the ones which are filled with mystery, adventure and a small hint of romance (gae)

  • Favourite cartoon is the owl house so B) i like other cartoons like Hazbin hotel, she-ra, adventure time, amphibia and many more

  • I'm still getting into MCYT thing so eh

  • That's all, have a lovely day :]

■ pfp credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKt3HwopSSa/?igshid=1b0zgq66kycdx
■Css credit: https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=29076

Who I'd like to meet:

Who I would like to meet?
☆Online Friends
☆Artist friends
☆Cartoon lovers
☆Lgbt+ friendly friends

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aYO! thanks for teh add! ^^