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"I don't have one-"

13 years old
American Samoa
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About me:

@:I'm just ur average weeb@#^!

X:My fave animes are aot,tpn,and demon slayer@!/=%

%:I also red manga!@^*

×: I'm also an artist, while I do both digital and traditional I mostly so digital!&#&#(

=:My pronouns are they/them so pls respect them%#&*

$: I can't rlly stick to an aesthetic but my top ones have to be Indie,weirdcore (I love that one) and I also favor kawaii types of aesthetics#^-*/

&:My fave bands and music artists have to be Billie Ellish, Melanie Martinez, Kikuo, Mother Mother, BABYMETAL, ect.!^#*&

<>;I do play video games but I usually play Animal Crossing and Minecraft!#^#*/

Who I'd like to meet:

Nontoxic ppl with a sense of humor and have the same interests as me!&@*/

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