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Toge Inumaki

"Don't Move."

13 years old
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Song: Overworld Theme - New Super Mario Bros.

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About me:

hello !! i am obv not inumaki but i rlly love him and yes this is my other acc to parsper. welcome .

pronouns: he/him/they/them

you can just call me jensen/jen, rinsy, felix any of those are fine with me <3
im a minor so dont be weird yk
i rlly love anime, video games, and mcyt/mc
i have a big sweet tooth :0

> pisces :)

most likely wont friend people who are 18+

im vvv friendly but when you get to know me more i can be a bit teasing
> i usually talk in caps but im chill most of the time
> i like collecting small things
> jjk and bsd brainrot
> friend me on mc ! im always excited to play w new people :) i play on java. username: rinsyonly

kinnies [top]
hinata shoyo; hq
kenma kozume ; hq
sigma ; bsd
chuuya nakahara ; bsd
atsushi nakajima ; bsd
bokuto kotaro ; hq
yamaguchi tadashi ; hq
nishinoya yuu ; hq

> i tend to forget things quickly and easily, so if i forget anything/something pls do remind me !
> my goal is to become a twitch streamer and make others day better :)

tysm for looking at my swaggy page B) hope we all can be friends

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Toge Inumaki

tysm !! you're rlly swag too i hope u have an awesome day <3


i LOVE the cursur and you seem v cool

Toge Inumaki

tyy! i hope u have a swaggy day as well :)


tom is bae, also ure page is swaggy ୧( ॑ധ ॑)୨

Toge Inumaki

thank you tom, you're superior tom supremacy


Thanks 4 the add!