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"idk what to put .-."

101 years old
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Song: Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth (320 kbps) (cdn.youtubemp3.us)

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About me:

Hii, u can call me froggy ^^ .
I like any pronoums but I preffer they/them.
I speak english and spanish.
I like anime and videogames.
I LOVE aot.
If u want to play genshin impact with me send me a message or something xd, my uid is 700038986.
btw Im a venti main
My biggest kins are kenma kozume, armin arlet and shoya ishida
Idk how this web works xd.
Zodiac : libra, and my rising is leo
Personality type: INTP
Someone pls explain me how this web workssss
If u add me and i dont send u any message or nothing its becouse i dont know how to talk to people
I just did this account 30 minutes ago, so idk how anything works

Who I'd like to meet:

Id like to meet people that just want to meet some friends :)
wow such a nice explanation

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Ure profile pic looks cute :>


graciasss, a mi también me alegra encontrar gente q hable español :D


Tysm 4 add me!! And if u need any kind of help dont worry to ask me
Y me alegra encontrar personas que hablen español ♡


ahhh i love your pfp frogs are the best <3