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"When God sends me to hell, i want him to hesitate"

Gender Questioning
15 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: BAND-MAID - After Life (Official Music Video)

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About me:

hi my name is biscuit :D [ he/they ] { bisexual }
discord: biscuit#8850
instagram: @quinnzalabim

[] some of my favorite artists atm are:
mother mother, bring me the horizon, falling in reverse, waterparks, palaye royale, black veil brides, wilbur soot, glass animals, band-
maid, chanmina, yeule, grimes, crim3s, sewerslvt, twenty one pilots, dreamcatcher, g-idle, loona, stray kids, kikou

[] Some of my favorite video games include: Minecraft, fnaf, undertale and danganronpa, yytd etc

-aquarius sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising

[] my hobbies: video games, reading, art, being sad over ranboo lore :,)

[] some animes/mangas i like:
-bungou stray dogs
-annoymous noise
-fairy tail
-attack on titan
-stars align
-tokyo ghoul (manga)
-seraph of the end
-orange (manga)

Who I'd like to meet:

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