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"I belive in Xiao supremacy ( ˘ ³˘)♥"

14 years old
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Song: Inaba Cumori ft. Kaai Yuki Lost Umbrella (ロストアンブレラ) - English Subbed

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About me:

🌙 Hello! I'm Sou/Yun and here are some informations about meeeee :)
→ im an infp
→ i go by all pronouns:]
→ games are cool!! I usually play genshin, omori, stardew valley and more!
→ here i drop my genshin impact uid: 711548032
→ i wasn't active for a while, now i'm back
→ anime, manga yes
→ English is not my first language so im really sorry but there may be mistakes •̥ ᵔ •̥ (im from Poland sadly)
anddd i'm really sorry, i don't understand css

Who I'd like to meet:

hmm i don't really know..

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Thanks 4 the add!