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13 years old
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Song: Surf_128k

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About me:

hi! im ari or you can call me minsu, 13 years old (っ^_^)っ
i use they/them as pronouns ✎﹏ ENFP AND SAGITARIUS
!! likes : to1, woonggi, shera nd toh, genshin, anime nd love live
૮₍ ˃⤙˂ ₎ა i speak english, spanish, catalán and little bit of french.
!! kins : venti, klee, adora, amity, luz, reki nd ruby kurosawa.
!! i stan/listen : aespa, txt, itzy, stayc, enhypen, ellise, olivia rodrigo, britney spears, cravity, tbz, p1harmony, vocaloid, other kpop artists, tik tok trend songs, spop...
!! also listens : fairies, hinatazaka46 nd cavetown
u can also found me like JAED0LCAKES in twitter !

Who I'd like to meet:

nice people !! ૮₍´˶• . • ⑅ ₎ა
People that don't sexualize me bc of my age
unless youre creep

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