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"I'm tired, can I sleep?"

13 years old
United States
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Song: 01. Dingga

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About me:

i'm really bored so it seems that i'm using a myspace clone
i'm ashamed of myself

please be my friend i'm lonely

now i'm just gonna say some anime i've watched and enjoyed
Welcome to the NHK
Kaguya Sama: Love is War
Mob Psycho 100
(in progress) Gakuen Handsome
(in progress) Mononoke
(in progress) Kill la Kill
(guilty pleasure) Blue Exorcist

i also sometimes play games!!
Genshin Impact (that's not rly a surprise considering this page layout)
Osu! (it's actually really fun)
Friday Night Funkin'
pretty much any rythm game tbh* (please give me recs)

She/Her, ~bisexual~, not a furry don't worry

tobi lou
bo en
lil mariko
kero kero bonito
there's a lot more that won't fit

about me
most socials are @crafty_penguin23
blm, acab
even if you just dm me “hi” or something I will freak out and be super happy :)
play genshin with me, my name in it is “Serenity” and my UID is 615009038
watch mob psycho

this website is so cute omg
go watch (or read) Jujutsu Kaisen, it's great
Chainsaw Man too!!
Can't forget Hell's Paradise!
someone please teach me how to code >:(
this website is my safe place so if anyone says anything rude or offensive i’m blocking you
stan Miya for clear skin
Ningguang very segc
this page is a wip so sry if it looks wierd

Who I'd like to meet:

literally anyone as long as they're nice to me
Someone who's still in middle or highschool so like 12-18, sorry it's nothing personal

Ken Kaneki so i can give him a hug

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