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Paperbag :P

"Don't forget to breathe"

Trans Male
13 years old
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About me:

𖣔I'm just someone who got here while dragging my friend along with me.
𖣔He/him, they/them
𖣔Greysexual and omniromantic
𖣔Please call me Seth, I've done messed up with my username, sorry 'bout that.
𖣔I draw digitaly and if I'm in the mood I'm not a stranger to traditional art. I also listen to music 24/7 and like creating playlists
𖣔DM for discord or insta
𖣔I think that's all, ✨welcome✨
𖣔I'm also working on my CSS, it'll just take a while

Who I'd like to meet:

𖣔Weebs and weebs only
𖣔JK jk-
𖣔My MHA buddies,, but,, not toxic-
𖣔Other artists
𖣔LGBTQ youth
𖣔People who will actually talk to me (╥_╥)
[agressivly checks my mail box every 5 seconds]
𖣔Other shifters

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