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"Hey F@ggots"

69 years old
United States
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Song: eyedress - jealous (slowed + reverb)

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About me:

Bug, Jet, Bun/Bunny, Minor, Lesbian/Neptunic, (non-binary/trans), She/THEY, Zodiac sign is Aries, Lives in Florida, and I'm Hispanic/white mixed

I like drawing, skating, listening to music, anime, Manga, gaming, all things scary, and I know there's more but you'll just have to get to know me! I don't care about others religion

My main account is - https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=58301

I love to chat just message/friend me on my main if you wanna chat since I'm not on here very often!

Who I'd like to meet:

If you are 10-18 don't be shy and friend me! If your a cis-male just don't be weird, If your always on the app lets be friends because I'm on here on all the time! If you also live in Florida that would be convenient! I love Witches if your a Witch PLEASE lets be friends ya'll are so cool! (looking for a partner maybe?) I just really want cool friends with my style and I can relate to. MY ALT ACCOUNT :D

rlly only add this if you wanna put your friend numbers upp :)

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uhm im shaking


wait huh is it the same person