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"Hello Hello!!"

18 years old
United States
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Song: The Technicolors - Space Cadet

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About me:

"Hello, interwebs, Doodle here."
. I am here to meet all kinds of new people from all around the universe. I hope that we can get along!
(What are your likes and dislikes)
. I like soft music, cute things, and talking to you. However, I have times when I'm the complete opposite. Sometimes I want to listen to Korn and write a horror story. I guess we can call that, one of the wonders of Doodle. I don't dislike many things, at least not that I can think of.
(How should people refer to you?)
. That's easy, Just call me Doodle! There is no need to bother with He/She/they If your at a loss of what to say just look at me and say, "Hey you!"
(There is a lot of debate that an interview for a Bio is pretty cringy. What are your feelings on this?)
. I spent a long time thinking about the best intro and ended up forgetting to do one, SO I got someone else to do it for me. That's what we call stonks.
(What are your plans while you visit Myspace?)
. My number 1 priority is to just have some fun while learning about other people. I don't know how long I'll stay, But as long as there is fun to be had, I'll be here.
(Many people have compared you to a ghost of social media. Why is that?)
. That my dear, dear friend, is because I have a bad habit of disappearing without warning off of social media. Now, just to put on record, My social life and media life are separate. When I have something to do offline then I don't feel the need to tell people. This thing may take years, but I'll have you know that I always come back eventually. SO to answer the question directly, It's because when I disappear I usualy lenger around like a ghost haunting someone.

Who I'd like to meet:


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Ah your page is adorable :D tysm for the add ~ <33


Thanks 4 the add!