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"You can fly even higher.–Kageyama"

14 years old
United States
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Song: Take Me to Your Leader by Newsboys

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About me:

Hey, Im jenna.
I have a Hamster named Saiki Kusuo.
Insta(public): bts_and.anime
Discord: kOckeyama#9154
TikTok: notyourdadsorrybud
Im a huge weeb/otaku. My favorite manga is OHSHC VOL.1.
I skateboard occasionally, nothing outstanding but Im always out pennyboarding.
Ive watched 50+ animes, mostly less popular ones, haha.
I listen to BTS, and punk rock. My favorite band is simple plan.
I also read and watch yaoi/bl.
~I would like to make it clear- I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING.~
Also I am really bad at conversations so dont be scared to talk to me first since Im too shy to say something before you.

<DONT FRIEND ME IF: Youre a homophobe, youre a trumpie, or if youre racist.

SOME animes I have watched that I love: Noragami, Ohshc, Haikyuu, Bnha, Black butler, Saiki k, Aot, Demon Slayer, Say "I love You", Silent Voice, Death Note, Given, Yuri!! on Ice, Promised Neverland, Maid sama, and Fruits Basket.
SOME bl's I have read that I love: BJ Alex, Cherry Blossoms after winter, Path To You, Fools, Jazz for Two, Until I meet My Husband, Heesu in class 2, Here U Are, December Rain, and Sign.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other weebs, and anyone who just wants to talk! Nobody older than 16, or younger than 12.

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