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"Hey I like coffee and tea and hot chocolate. "

15 years old
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hi there i wanted to let you know that ur a cutie whoever you are 'cause the standarts of cutieness are made-up by people and could be changed by every human being. Since I am a human myself I claim your cutieness and call you a cutie
I use they and she pronouns because I'm definitely not a man according to the stereotypes people has made also dicks are gross
I play genshin impact AR46, Europe. Text me if you wanna play^^
I draw sometimes. Can I be called an artist? anyways
I'm INTP or INFP. It changes every time, so idk
I'm trying to learn Css fuck off my page is gonna be cool someday ;(

Who I'd like to meet:

People (cats are chill tho)

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You seem pretty cool! I would love to play Genshin or something, feel free to ask questions about Css :D