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"am i bi or just a lesbian with gender envy?"

Gender Questioning
14 years old
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Song: Sewerslvt - Pretty Cvnt

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About me:

hey hi hello !!
if ur cool and u like some of the same things that i do, message me ! <3
(and maybe someone who can help me figure out how myspace works :P)
but also a reminder, i am a minor !! if ur not one dont message me please !!!!!
~ about me ~
-14 years
-questioning both gender and sexuality B)
-i really love diff alt styles/fashion and ideas surrounding them !!
-animes i like: wonder egg priority, silent voice, tbhk, and literally any ghibli movie (i feel like there is more but i cant remember since my memory is shit aa)
-awkward and ramble a lot :P (please put up with me lol)
~ things that i like ~
-dream smp (i will rant with u)
-anime (just getting back into it :])
-gaming (i like playin minecraft, portal, and garbage mobile games)
-music (my music tastes goes from folk punk to vocoloid lol)
-art/drawing (i will draw u >:])
-also reading the occaisonal book

Who I'd like to meet:

ppl who like what i do and will listen to my rambling without judging me !!
(msg if u wanna talk with discord, i will add u !!)

i will not be friends with u if u r shitty !!!!!!

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yepyepyep lets do that!!! also tyy i love urs too <33


hi ur pfp is cute <3 lets rant abt dream smp sometime mayb??


aa ty!!! i love urs too lol <33


🌼I love your pfp <3🌼