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"/╲/( ͡° ͡° ͜ل͜ ͡° ͡°)/\╱\"

25 years old
United States
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Song: shrouded crushed

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About me:


hi, im rustle (they/she)
i live in atlanta and i dont work because theres a plague. before that, i was a barista. i make music that i will eventually put out, mainly using a six-string bass, sp404 sampler, and, mostly, ableton lite, bc im broke. my music has basslines and heavily modulated vocals and other sounds. i put out little projects and demos at discogs.bandcamp.com, but im working on a more cohesive project right now. i collect records, cassettes, and cds. i started building gundams part way into quarantine last year and ive become really obsessed. i dont really care about anime at all, i just think robots are cool, and the careful precision and craft you need for modeling is really calming for me. i just started learning how to airbrush. im very interested in communities and how they form and thrive on the internet. i like clothes a lot. i've gotten really into platform shoes recently. i have a pair of platform lowtop converse hikes, some big chunky black shoes covered in spikes, and, my favorite, mid-thigh platform doc martens, which im still breaking in. my fursona is a red panda. im mostly vegetarian. i like leftist politics. im pretty gay. im nonbinary but also im a girl sometimes idk shits fucked. i really want to see my friends again. i think you should be nicer to yourself. no mans sky was better at launch, although the pinnacle of the game was the atlas rises update. the only tape decks ill buy are nakamichis, but, because of their high cost and high failure point, that just means that i own two broken nakamichis. my cd player is a hitachi tho, so that's kinda funny. i want to be better at design and visual art in general. my dream dog is a st bernard, and i will name them maxwell. my favorite color right now is yellow, specifically #decc00. i think im starting to get my confidence back. last year my computer caught on fire for no discernable reason. i made the song on my profile, its just some loops. i might use it for the album whenever that coalesces.
~twitter: https://twitter.com/likeleaves_
~demos/wips: https://discogs.bandcamp.com/
~streams thurs: https://www.twitch.tv/likeleaves_



i made my last.fm late last year, so it's only accurate to the moment. but to save an exhaustive list, heres my current top artists in order;
~fishmans, ecco2k, porter robinson, aero gros m, bladee, limp pumpo, six impala, r.a.p. ferreira, jinsang, cero, marimari, fax gang, sora, iglooghost, buffalo daughter, esprit, black dresses, caroline polachek, bliss3three, haircuts for men, scallops hotel, acetantina, the knife, rural internet, madvillian, geotic, snail's house, soutaiseiriron, so many tears, danny l harle, spangle call lilli line, swardy, bon iver, lamp, khotin, ovall, adolf nomura, naked city, kero kero bonito, kllo, underscores, ogre you asshole, osamu sato, ela minus, yellow magic orchestra, red wall, way out west, dltzk, vertigoaway, alice gas, galen tipton, lindsheaven virtual plaza, frou frou, midwife, shame, oppenheimer analysis, the brave little abacus, man man, the most, kaho nakamura, william crooks, qebrus, cashmere cat, mokshadripp, how to dress well, jan jelinek, sophie, µ-ziq, plug, himera, eyeliner, ooioo, food house, fridge, baths, berhana, honzi
right now, i mostly listen to shibuya-kei, or internet music stuff. idk what we're calling it. hyperpop glitchcore laptopmusic hexd cloudrap whatever. idk.

my favorite genres are walking simulators and arena/retro-style shooters. my favorite games that currently come to mind are: death stranding, ROM 2064, ffxiv, doom 93', half-life, hollow knight, dark souls 2, bloodborne, no man's sky, paratopic, umurangi generation, lsd dream emulator, fallout new vegas bc im trans, dairies of a spaceport janitor, mass effect, metal gear, silent hill, probably some other stuff im forgetting
tabletop: 2d6 and fiction-first systems. d&d is for dweebs and pathfinder is for stem majors. all hail adam koebel.



Who I'd like to meet:

idk dm me if youre cool or play ffxiv on primal

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thanks for adding me back, this page makes me f e e l things


hi rustle


𝕿𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖐𝖘 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖒𝖊!


thx 4 teh add >w<


Thanks 4 the add!