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"hello love you all have a great day!"

101 years old
United States
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About me:

Name- Lili
Sexuality- Bisexual.
Favorite Artist- Melanie Martinez
Zodiac Sign- Gemini
Top Animes- TBHK~OHSHC~Wonder Egg Priority~Demon Slayer~Horimiya~Sk8 the infinite
Spotify- fr0g b1th
TikTok- b1tch.fck.y0u
Instagram- lili.666.lili
Snapchat- toraburumek
Pintrest- fr0g_b1th
{Credits to @rukia for the theme}

Who I'd like to meet:

People who are 11-14
Nice people
Someone who will have a healthy friendship
Same humor as me
And who are always online

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