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"AHOY !!!!!!!"

14 years old
United States
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Song: 100-gecs-toothless

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About me:

Sanassnnans snn yarharhar My name is Alex or Astro or Ouma or Dagger or whatever!!! i use fox pronouns >;3 and i mostly identify as canines! im neurodivergent!!! and i love art!!!
Fave musik artists! MCR, Ashnikko, 100 gecs, Jazmin Bean, Yungblud, Most of fnaf music artists-
Fave music aesthetics! scenecore, webcore, ENAcore, Kokichicore, traumacore
Genshin uid: 614987702 (Add me :D)
In a poly relationship! i luv my luvrz <3
triggers: self harm, sewer slide, rrrrrrrr4pe, cp, abuse, alcoholism

(In the process of designing my page and learning css :'3)

Who I'd like to meet:

fwiends! Fellow Kokichi kinnies! Nishishi! Scene kids! Honestly, Anyone cool that is around my age!!

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