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"bruh cunk!!!!"

69 years old
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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Song: Music To My Ears

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The mating call of the hack StandUpComic, or so it used to be.
Bobby Wheat: [runs onstage] Hey! How's everybody doin'? Welcome to "Stand-Up & Win", where stand-ups compete for big money! Contestants - thanks for makin' it! Are you ready to play? [the three stand-up contestants sound their eagerness] Okay! Hands on buzzers, here's our opening question: "What's the Deal with Airplane Food?" [Billy buzzes in] Billy!
Billy: I know! Could this stuff taste any worse? It's, like, "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm still stuffed from that huge bag of smoked almonds!"
Bobby Wheat: That's correct, Billy! That's worth $100! And control of our board! Okay, let's take a look at our categories! They are: Airplanes; Breakfast Cereals; Commercials; Chicken McNuggets; 7-11 Employees; and Gilligan's Island. Okay, Billy, what'll it be?
What I found most enjoyable about this SaturdayNightLive skit was that Jerry Seinfeld was the host, and the other actors were all doing bad impressions of Jerry Seinfeld. -- KrisJohnson
This expression uttered right after "Is anyone here from out of town?" causes a chorus of drunken yelps...
I tend to use this phrase when a conversation is drifting into the realm of the over-discussed and screechingly-obvious, for example, when someone mentions how crash-prone Windows is.
What's the deal with StandUpComics, anyway?

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