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"ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3"

Cis Woman
16 years old
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Song: Beartooth - Afterall

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About me:

1'm d3f1n1t3ly @ n00b.
Will do the design after. I'm too busy doing my homework.(procrastinating)
fr3nch | 1NTP | 1 l0v3 @ l0t 0f th1ngs but 1 h@v3 n0 p@ss10n | l30
1 h@v3 @ d0g | 1 d0n't kn0w wh@t to wr1t3 h3r3
1 d0n't wr1t3 l1ke th1s usu@lly but 1 th1nk 1t's pr3tty c00l

Who I'd like to meet:

nice people
and pirates
Tom is my only friend. He is nice i guess.
Come talk to me i'm lonely asf

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