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"Are you Kobi? I'm Hobi! "

Gender Fluid
13 years old
United States
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Song: Yarichin Bitch Club- Touch You (slowed down + reverb)

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About me:

Hewwo welcome to my bio? ig heres my info <3

hobbies;rping and listening to music
likes; kpop
dislikes; pedos, homophobes
age; 13
pronouns; he/they
dont; message me if your older then me
my discord : .its_AliZae#4877
if you need someone to rant/vent too your more then welcome to dm me on discord <3

Who I'd like to meet:

fellow kpop stans (i stan bts,straykids,twice,nct (all units)and wayv, IU,the rose,ateez,got7)
all hail fnaf fans i repect you and i dont wanna get on your bad side
weebs i fully repect you an di need new friends so please do your job :>
if you want my discord ill put it in my bio <3

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