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"❤ it is what it is ❤"

100 years old
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Song: YOASOBI - Racing Into The Night Lyrics (JPNROMENG)

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About me:

♡lana del rey is my religion♡

♡she/her bi♡

♡slytherin, i am in fact a full on slytherin i dont have a second house like some people claim they have, im just slytherin, i love HP from the movies to the books, also, George Weasley if youre reading this, MARRY ME!♡


♡scorpio libra scorpio♡

♡yes im a weeb, one of my favorite anime is FMAB, but im more of a manga person anyway~ OH I'm currently obsessed with Darling in the Franxx and I'm currently waiting for Zero Two cosplay!♡

♡i a ARMY since 2015 and still am and a proud one too!♡

♡my favorite movie is Crimson Peak! its a gothic romance, with is also one of my favorite aesthetics!♡

♡i literally dress like a egirl but i love cute and fluffy stuff to! as you can see by my page, i literally wear more than 3 different aesthetics♡
if youre dumb like me and cant make css this is were i found what im using!
this girl is really good at making this cute themes go check her out ❤
edit! right now im editing my page to be more me so my whole page isnt completly what you will find in that site

Who I'd like to meet:

sugardaddies and/or sugarmommys.....im jokinggg!
...unless 👀

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i luv ur profile so far especially the rose gif <3 ty for the kind words


(ノ・ω・)ノI really love lana del rey too uwu, ur profile is sooo cute, i love it !(●´ω`●)


Thanks 4 the add!