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"I'm wasn't supposed to live this long."

13 years old
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About me:

Hello my names Apollo, i don't have any preferred pronouns so all are welcome. I listen to Mitski religiously and my top five kins are Illumi, Dazai, killua, Shoya, and Ryo.😃 I'm also a writer and can sorta play the piano. I feel like i'm writing a tinder bio so i'm going to stop now but if you want to be friends tell me. online friends are easier then physical friends!😩Some of my favourite anime’s are Bungo stray dogs, Devil man crybaby, Castlevania, Cowboy bebop, Haikyuu, Nana, Perfect blue, and any Studio Ghibli movie ever made. Also i'm super sleep deprived that it's not even funny anymore.


Who I'd like to meet:

I'm trying to make friends here because i have horrible social anxiety and this is easier so hahah... i'm going to die alone.😗

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