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"idk what i'm doing but u can't stop me"

69 years old
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Song: Tubbo singing You Spin Me around

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About me:

h4ll0! 1'm squ1dskullz! x3
my pr0n0uns 4r3 sun / st0rm / b0n3 / f3rn / f1sh / dr4g / st4r / sh4rk / th3y / 1t / h3 UwU
f4nd0mz ~ und3rt4l3, dsmp, fn4f, cr33pyp4st4, mcyt, mlp, 4nd h0m3stuck (c4n u t3ll 1 n3v3r l3ft 2015 l0lzz x3)
mus1c ~ s1st3rs 0f m3rcy, f0r3v3r gr3y, (4m n3w 2 d4 g0th sc3n3), v4rg, sl33p1ng w1th s1r3ns, m0th3r m0th3r, j4zm1n b34n, m1nt gr33n, h0z13r, c0sm0 sh3ldr4k3, th3 und3rt4l3 0st, g0r1ll4z, 4nyth1ng v0c4l01d, 4nd 4 l0t m0r3 l0lzzz x3
mb1t ~ INFJ
d3rs3 s33r 0f h0p3
1 4ls0 l1k3 k4nd1 4nd dr4w1ng >:3
c4rrd ~ https://consensualcannibalism.carrd.co
th3 r3st 0f my pr0n0un 4nd n4m3 h04rd ~ https://pronouny.xyz/u/consensual.cannibalism
css by D4M4R4 h3r3 on mysp4c3, g0 ch3ck th3m 0ut!! https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=58247

Who I'd like to meet:

4ny0n3 w1th s1m1l4r 1nt3r3sts! x3
n0 m34n13s plz

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