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"in love"

Trans Male
13 years old
United Kingdom
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Song: I'm Bo Yo (64 kbps)

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About me:

what the fuck is a CSS
...css by sskailyn !

HI HI wassup my name is robbie! i go by he/him/it/nya (but mainly he/him :3) im bisexual and trans!
[[disclaimer! i have no idea how to work myspace so this will probably suck]]

INTERESTS!! please add me if youre into any of these oml
!!feel free to msg me if you wanna talk about these id love 2 talk i dont bite!!
-miwashiba games [1bitheart, alicemare, lieat etc.]
^most games like this! eg- okegom games [ive played watgbs and i plan on playing the grey garden]
-genshin impact
-vocaloid ! [my faves r rin len and teto]
-friday night funkin !
-pico and friends
-homestuck [unfortunately]
-music! -- BO BURNHAM, lemon demon, mitski, ghost and pals, jack stauber, evelyn evelyn, ricky montgomery -- heres my playlist :-) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/49EccA1YKlSRpRAekJ71vN

instagram - neilcicerega [[i really thought i did smth when i got that user]]
discord - ROBERT#2259
minecraft [bedrock] - robbiezza
minecraft [java] - tvrntechGodhead
genshin impact - UID 712013100
roblox- robbiezza
here!! please talk 2 me im lonely

if you add me on any of these drop a comment or dm so i know its from here!!

-chongyun [genshin impact]
-dave strider [homestuck]
-pico [fnf // pico's school]
-rin kagamine [vocaloid]
-brett [lieat]
-hanako [TBHK]
doubles are fine! i have an extended list but it doesnt matter too much ;;

pls dont add me if;;
-you dont support neopronouns
-exclusionist [[dont support nb lesbians/gays]]
-dont support polyamorous relationships :(
-use blm // acab as an aesthetic
-basic dni [pedo, terf etc]
-you like yaoi/yuri and arent mlm/wlw ....ew
-you say fiction doesnt affect reality

i think thats all! thank you for reading to the end :33 i hope we can be friends have a nice day
[[if ur from insta the pass is 🍓]]

Who I'd like to meet:

friends ! if you have similar interests to me add my discord :3

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Just gonna say you seem cool as hell holy shit, your interests are so sick!


Thanks 4 the add!