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"Is that Peter Fucking Frampton?"

Cis Male
29 years old
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Song: Distorto rockin daddy

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About me:

Hmmmm, about me? What do you want to know?? Lol ok okay so I love punk rock and going to shows. I play guitar and sing(sort of haha). My favorite tv shows are The Simpsons(always quoting them! Haha!) and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia(I'm like the whole gang rolled into one! Jk!). My favorite movies are High Fidelity, anything by Quentin Tarantino, Drive, etc. I guess I like weird stuff? Idk. My favorite bands are Starflyer 59, Husker Du and Bruce Springsteen(I know! Dad rock! XD) But I like a lot of stuff! Old country to screano! It's a mixed bag. I have tattoos and I'm employed(lol) but I don't have any piercings. Ummm, what else. I like old cars and vintage stuff(old man at heart).

Who I'd like to meet:

Punks and skabronis only deplatform nazzis

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