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"ଘ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິଓ"

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16 years old
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Song: Placebo - Infra-Red (Official Audio)

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About me:

Hi, I'm Mimi!
I go by she/they.
I like art, poetry, archery, shiny objects, the colour of rough sea and moss, autumn and seeing pics of otters in silly hats.
I'm currently trying to figure out how css works, so please forgive the messiness here :(
[credit to @/geyasvecova on Tumblr for the background gif]

Who I'd like to meet:

preferably ppl aged 15-17; it'd be cool to find friends to share new films/tv shows/music with, but even if we don't have similar tastes it's fine, I think I get along with the majority of people.

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love ur page aesthetic so much !! thanks 4 the add !! <3