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Song: Wild_Side

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About me:

Im possibly the funniest man on the planet so if you wanna hear a joke i got you A man had an uncle who happened to own a zoo. One day, the uncle unfortunately passes away. When the man speaks to his uncle's lawyer, the lawyer offers to give him the zoo. The man willingly agrees. The zoo has an aquarium, a lion cage and a bird cage but it is in horrible condition. The man pays thousands of dollars to make the zoo look brand new. He must sell his house in order to afford the costs so he now lives in the zoo. But there is one problem; all the cages are empty.

While looking on the Internet, the man comes across a site that will give him 20 free lions. When the lions arrive, the deliveryman gets the man's attention. He says to the man, "Take very good care of these lions mister, Foster them, feed them, and give them water.” The man responds “Trust me, I will take good care of my lions." The deliveryman replies, “Let me be very clear, these are not YOUR lions, these belong to the STATE. Take good care of them and they will remain here at your zoo." The man hastily agrees, as he doesn’t want any trouble and is just happy that he has some animals in the zoo. The lion cage is now filled up.

The man has $10,000 to spend to fill the rest of the zoo so he again, searches the Internet. He finds out a nearby pet store is selling Miner birds, for $10 each. He visits the store and sees the clerk. He says he wants to buy a few miner birds. The clerk owns 1000 miner birds, but the deal is the man has to buy all of them. The man pays the clerk all his money to buy the birds. He then fills the birdcage.

The final thing left is to fill the aquarium. The man goes online to find free fish for the aquarium. He finds a fisherman who sells them by the docks nearby. The man goes to the docks, and finds the fisherman. He pulls the man into one of his boats to show him a pool. Fins pop out of the pool's green water. The man’s mind is blown! He is going to have sharks in his aquarium! The man says “Sharks!” The fisherman replies, “You wish these were sharks, but these be Porpoises.” The man chuckles, porpoises are much tamer than sharks. The fisherman grabs a bucket of fish and pours it in the pool. The porpoises don’t care. He then grabs a seagull, snaps its neck and throws it in. The porpoises go crazy, fighting one another for the seagull and a red glow emerges from the pool. “These porpoises are INSANE, and EVIL,” the man thought to himself. The fisherman says he can give him the porpoises, but he will have to take the curse that comes with them. The man agrees and puts the porpoises in the aquarium.

Two days before the zoo opens to the public, the man sleeps there in the snack hut. In the middle of the night he hears the porpoises fighting. “Oh no, they must be hungry!” the man said. He bolted around the birdcage, around the lion cage, and to the aquarium. He poured in a bucket of fish, but remembered that these porpoises only eat birds. He runs around the aquarium, around the lion cage to the bird cage. He grabs as many birds as he can. He then comes up with an idea. The lions are asleep so instead of going around the lion cage, he can go through it, saving some time. He quietly enters the lion cage, and walks to the other side. As he reaches toward the gate a helicopter and a SWAT team surround him. A voice from the helicopter yells through a megaphone, “YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!” The man, very puzzled, asks why, with his arms in the air. The man in the helicopter replies, “FOR CARRYING MINERS ACROSS STATE LIONS FOR IMMORAL PORPOISES!” so if you not dead yet congratulations you got past the funniest joke of all time not many people can say that so ill tell you about myself im cool,awesome sauce,funny (as you already know),i watch anime so yes i am a pedophile i will argue day and night why attack on titan is underrated death note is near perfection im also into drawing and i like the anthropromorphic style make of that of as you will dragon ball is pretty great so is naruto i dont like one piece kill me if you want and well ill leave it off with that

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