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"if you're gonna hit it then hit it till it breaks"

1 years old
United States
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About me:

Hi my name is Jada but i go by Carol
I am 13 (the basic things about me. ugh!)
I kin suna, oikawa, misaka and (i have a whole list of who i kin)
yes i came here from a tiktok and this website is way more harder and boring than i thought.
kinda crazy but i am into manifesting like a lot a lot but i'm also into editing too
my editing account is: @kagebird (on instagram, might make a tiktok account for my editing)
my main account is: @ponytail.fp (on instagram)
my tiktok ahahahaha is: @tsukishimashater
and at least my art account which i BARELY post on is @killunus
im so new to this INCLUDING CSS like how the FAWK do you do this-
one last thing im actually 13 but i just like to say im 1 years old :)

Who I'd like to meet:

Friends... thats it.

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tom is kinda scary (do i feel like i might get groomed? yes.)