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Kilo Graham


14 years old
United States
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Song: Jello (320 kbps)

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this is my favorite fucking image ever [view more]
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About me:

they/it/he in that order
definitely fruity, unsure specifically how


basic interests;

  • vidya games; ace attorney, minecraft, the sims
  • youtube shit; supermega, d'angelo wallace, wilbur soot, nexpo
  • music; lemon demon, idkhow, bear ghost, matt watson, mother mother, noah nolastname, ricky montgomery, honeysticks, freddie dredd, jack
    stauber, manwolves, molchat doma, the honeysticks, blame candy, friday pilots club, and others i have forgotten (i listen to a
    concerning amount of music lmao)


political stuff ahaha

  • leftist, still trying to learn economic ideologies and such, starting to get radicalized,
  • gay and trans rights
  • BLM
  • ACAB
  • abolish ICE
  • antifa supersoldier /s

i hope you're having a good day unless you are racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, a n@zi, and/or a terf. if you are one of those kindly fuck off :)


Who I'd like to meet:

folks with sick aesthetics and just cool folks

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