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"If you're a furry, kill yourself."

69 years old
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ya pal... I bet you've never lifted a day in your life if you made a statement like this. Anyone can emphasize with this situation that is a regular lifter whenever we're trying to limit our 1.5 hours in the gym, and are instead bossed around by some out of shape older lady that will never look good because she will never have a winner mind-set and will always carry that "babby fat" she claims she has. I've seen your kind around the gym a time or two... You get on the treadmill at 2.5 mph for 20-30 min, pretend like you're working out, but are really just staring at the 14 yr old high school girls in front of you, in which case you'll fap when you get home to your miserable life with your out of shape hog of a wife who will reject your advances on her later in the evening. Yea... I've seen your type a thousand times. Ambition is your goal, but phaggy time is your soul. Try walking a mile in my footsteps when you squat until you puke, and then come at me bro... All talk and never anyway to back it up, my 72 year old grandmother is like that. Do us all a favor and grow up and learn your place at the gym.

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I love you too


thanks for adding me I love you


Thanks 4 the add!