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"can be sweet and salty"

15 years old
United States
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Song: Melanie Martinez - High School Sweethearts

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About me:

I'm a BAD BITCH. Im looking for BAD BITCHES. I'm swagaliguos.(the dumb wrote that one) We like money. Are educated queers. very much trauma. We are funny unless you are boring we cant gicve that much funny. di9d this on zoom so probaly does have muchg effoert put into thy. Oui are as well HOT bitches, and if you not hot we drop, we hate basic BITCHES. We aslo poor and have no stlye YET!!(are building our style would like help and reccomendations 👍) took too much time on this so at least add us then you drop us later if you get bored.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyways.... need friends....... I'm looking for a country boy/girl. I'm looking for fictional charaters, like a bird man, boom boom boy, a seggy titian. I'm looking for someone who reads🧎‍♂️. need be funny🧍‍♂️. Needs that long slhong ,ore ushy gushy puthy. Needs to like anime and kpop. need HOT🥵🙀😣. Need to be spicy will bow down to you if spicy. Orginality is key :) Oui, (prefered if resident of thy alligator state) I hate alligators we need greasy......ex. yoonbum

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we should riot to make the music not make your ears bleed when going on a your home page-_-